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I know it's a bit late but I have here the second post for Bintana Coffeehouse! I do apologize for not posting it earlier this week. I came home late due to the rain and the traffic. Cebu is slowly turning into Manila and I'm terrified. Anyhoo, enough talk about the weather and  the traffic. I'm finally sharing with you a little something about my social life! (Yes, I do have a social life. I'm not as hermit as you think hahahahha). Scroll down for more photos! 
                   Say hello to Faith! She's a web developer and a cutie *tee-hee*. I love that she's game for just about anything including helping me with the site ❤︎.  She helped me get rid of the sidebar of  Hello Benj and I couldn't be more thankful! She saves me from the humiliation of dancing in public by joining me dance and laughing at ourselves. If you want, you can follow her Instagram. She has a "rule of three" kind of feed. Go ahead and click this 👑 link to know her more!
            This one right here is Jennica. She has the driest, most sarcastic sense of humor and I freaking love it. She talks in a monotone voice even when cracking up jokes. She has the artsy-fartsy bug too! We bond over watercolor illustrations and minimalist fashion choices. If you want to see her artworks, click this ❤︎  link! She'd love to meet you all!
                The rest of the photos are taken by Jennica and edited by me! It was a collaboration I've always wanted to try out. A collab where photos are taken by someone else and I edit them. Faith was the Yu Tsai of the shoot hahhaha! If you watch #ASNTM  you'd know what I'm talking about! Alrightie, this is where I bid adieu. I won't write more about anything else for now but do know that this isn't the last of this series! I will post a step-by-step process of the V60 brewing method  done by Sarah next week. Watch out for that. See you next week, dear readers and enjoy the rest of the photos!

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