Bintana Coffee House / Where Am I?

4:09 AM

This charming, quaint coffee shop stole my heart. Tucked in behind St. Patrick Square and Saint Theresa's College, this place is a hidden gem worth the visit. It has such a homey feel (which is what I personally look for in a coffee shop) and it's simple, modest interior and artsy mural made me feel just right. And the fact that they take their coffee seriously here just sealed the deal for me. I take my coffee like them,too. Black and seriously. Very seriously.

 It was such an honor to be working with Sarah (Bintana's owner) for July's posts. Thanks for indulging my coffee curious mind! She gave us a mini lesson on how to properly make a cup of good ol' black coffee. I am definitely signing up for their next Coffee Appreciation Class. She also talked a little bit about how the cafe that she had in mind was turned into reality This made me more inspired to have a cafe of my own. Someday... maybe someday :) We loved that she was willing to share with us her thoughts about coffee. She was also quite the charmer as my friend took her photographs that day. We had so much fun!

Kare-Kare : Php. 180

I'm not joking when I say that this is the best Kare-Kare I've ever tasted. It's made with honest to goodness ingredients and they follow an old recipe that's from their family. It felt very nostalgic to us! Legit lutong bahay.

Brownie : Php. 70
Mango Shake : Php. 80

Their coffee is good as fuuuuuuck. I apologize for swearing. You'll understand when you taste it. Sarah is very passionate about coffee so you bet your ass that if you're going to order a cup from them, you'll experience the legit coffee that other commercialized cafes do not offer. You have the freedom to choose your preferred brewing method (or if you're just as curious as I am and you want to taste all just order three cups hahahaha). You can either have it French Pressed, Dripped or the Vietnamese way: Phin. They offer three different beans too. Local Blend, Single Origin and Civet. You can follow them on their Instagram and like their Facebook page, btw. It keeps you updated with their events, workshops (yes, they do that too!) and menu changes. Go and follow now!!!
I have been saying we and us and I just realized that I haven't even introduced you to these two. I'm not sure I want to yet, actually. I feel like they deserve a different post so I'll just leave the other details for next week's post. For now, I wanna say thanks to you guys, for helping me shoot! Love you!!! Mad props to the one in red for being my photographer that day and for the one in white for being the Yu Tsai  of the shoot! Hahahahah! We definitely had so much fun it didn't feel like work!

I did say "a series" of post, right? So keep on the lookout for the next 2 posts all linked to Bintana Coffee House. For now, that's all I have to say about the place. I hope you visit them too! If you do, don't hesitate to tag me or send me a photo. I'd love to hear from you!

See you next week. Xo, Benj.

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