8:13 AM

 Hello, I'm finally writing again after a month of hiatus. It's been crazy-busy with thesis and projects coming my way. I'm happy I finally have time to edit photos and write a little here and there.
 Hope you like the photos! Hanna shot them a couple of weeks back. They felt a bit gloomy so I added a couple of painted light leaks. I can never post anything without color in it. I love my pastels too much.
I'm wearing a top from South Shores and my culottes are thrifted by my very thoughtful friend, Emery. She gave them to me just because. Can you believe people like that still exist? :) She is such a great friend and something in her feels... warm and soulful. I hope to meet more people like her.

I feel like updating you with the hustle that's been happening lately at school and other stuff so be on the look out for a Life Lately post this week or next week (depending on my mood). I don't want blogging to be a stressful activity so I'm just blogging whenever I want to and not whenever I can. I still love taking photos though. I can't wait to partner up with some of my fashion blogger friends and Karloh. He's the one who took my M.Wilson Spa Anniversary post. I'll be helping him with his portfolio so free photoshoots are in store (yay)!!!

xo, Benj.

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