M.WILSON Salon & Spa Anniversary

4:17 AM

Last Sunday, I was invited by my friend Gabe to M.Wilson Salon & Spa's 3rd year anniversary. I was late (as usual) but they gladly gave me a session of eyelash extensions the same day. They were fully booked that day so there was a waiting list but atleast before the session, I had time to do a shoot with Gabe's boyfriend, Karhlo. The photos are down below, so read on!

Hi Gabe!

I was lucky that day. Aside from the free food and service, I also scored a few shots from Karloh. He brought with him 35mm and 50mm lens and the shots looked so professional. I felt like a legit blogger lol! I think I'm putting new lens for my camera on my wishlist!

TOP: Thrifted
Pants: ForMe
Choker: Diyed
Slip-ons: SM Dept.

Right after the photos were taken, I read my sister's copy of China Rich Girlfriend. It's now on my list of fave books. Kevin Kwan makes me laugh and envious at the same time. The lives of the ridiculously rich Asians and his way of writing is the best. I immediately wanted to read Crazy Rich Asians after but I plan to read it on January pa. I'm reading Paulo Coelho atm.
I love the salon's modern, elegant chic design. The natural floral chairs and vases compliment the geometric lines of the mirrors and shelves. The image stylists were also very accommodating. I came in late so I haven't had the chance to meet with the other bloggers in the venue but I had a lot of fun anyway.

Xo, Benj.

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