Hello Benj Beauty & Stationary Giveaway

7:32 PM

Here it is, ladies and gents! The much awaited (by nobody but I'm so excited for this that I'm exaggerating everything hahaha) Hello Benj Giveaway!!! I am so happy I get to do this for you, my dear readers. It's about damn time that I give something back to those who legit read my blog. But if you are a new comer, hello and welcome! This is where girls and guys who like art, beauty and mindless but mind blowing (told you, exaggerating) blabber from a twenty-something girla-loo hahaha I'm soo excited I'm spitting out words I don't usually use here on the blog! But oh, well :) Back to the giveaway!!!

             I divided the giveaway into two categories: Stationary and Beauty. They're two of my favorite things in the world. I would die (exaggerating again) if I was given free stationary supplies! Anyhoo, the first on the list is this set I call "The GirlBoss Set." Here we  have 2 To-Do List Paper Pads, a violet Stabilo Pen and a black pencil. It also comes with a green & white envelope organizer for all yow important bills and papers and whatnot. This set is all for one winner.

             The second Stationary Set is called the Scrappy Coco (I'm making up names here hahaha). It's perfect for those who love scrapbooking and stamps. Here we have two sets of foam stamps from National Bookstore, 3 washi tapes from Retail Therapy and a Honey Peel-off Mask from Vedette. All for one winner :)

For the Beauty category, we have this Mask Sheet set from Esfolio Philippines. They are very mild sheet masks filled with potent essence so your face can feel like a baby's bum!

Here we have a travel sized bath set for all of you out there who loves bringing mini everything! These smell so nice and the conditioner is hella effective for dry hair. (1 winner)
Last but not the least, here we have the grand prize of the giveaway. You get the chance to win this Avon multi-functional wallet, my favorite lip tint; Skin Genie Lip and Cheek Tint in the shade Merlot and a mini body scrub from Jo Malone. All these goodies for one winner!!!

So, all in all, Hello Benj Giveaway will have 5 winners! Yay! I bet  you're wondering how to win one of these prices. It's easy! All you gotta do is follow 4 easy steps!

1. You should be following me on Instagram.
2. Repost any o the photos in this blog post or any from the Instagram post about the giveaway.
3. Tag 3 friends that you think should join the giveaway!
4. Comment on my Instagram post "done" and you're in!

Winners of this giveaway will be announced on a simultaneous Instagram and Facebook Live on September 23, 2017, Saturday at 6 PM. If you can't make it, I'll just tag you on Instagram :)

See? That easy! So, join na kayo! Who wouldn't want free stuff, right? :) That's all for this giveaway, guys. Hope you all join! See you on Instagram! Xo, Benj.

P.S. The blog will be down after the giveaway because I will have it redesigned. Also, all beauty products (except for the travel sized bath essentials) are from BeautyMNL.

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