Confetti and Cupcakes : HB Turns 1!

8:59 AM

        I can't believe it's been a year since I re-launched this blog. I never thought that I would have readers that would genuinely care about the content of the site but I do now (yay!) and for that, I am thankful. HB has grown from personal to lifestyle to fashion to coffee to "whatever-I-think-about-writing-about" blog. I never planned it this way but I can't say I'm unhappy about it. It has become a window to my thoughts and a way for me to connect with people through the content that I publish. Even though sometimes, I'm late, you guys visit me here anyway. :) To celebrate the festivities, I asked help from my workmates (down below!) to help me take photographs for this post. (As always, thank you guys!)

         As some of you might know, this is not my first blog. I was once a fashion blogger a few years back. I was just trying out blogging at that time in hopes of finding ways to amuse myself. I also wanted to share with my friends where I got certain pieces of clothing so I thought, what better way to share than through a blog? I loved it so much that I immersed in the blogosphere almost every night. I would comment on blogs from all around the world, drooled at outfits from LookBook NU, scrolled through (a must-visit site for my sister and I way back 2011) and watched how Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen and Jenny Humphrey styled their outfits because I believed back then that black ribbon headbands and sequined shirts were the I can't believe how much I've grown, style and personality wise. I was such a huge fan of accessories back then but now, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a chunky, chain necklace (which was a staple wardrobe item for me back then lol). It's just not my thing anymore.

     As we're celebrating (yes, you're part of the party too!) let's take a short trip down memory lane, shall we? Here are some of my favorite moments from past blogs. And to add a little bit of fun, I'll be sharing below some of the fashion faux pas of the past! Hahaha have fun and happy anniversary to us, dear readers. I truly am thankful for all of you. Kisses :*

                There you have it, ladies and gents! I know how cringey the last set of photos are but it's just so fun to look back and laugh at yourself sometimes hahahaha. Kidding aside, I really am thankful for you, dear readers. For always clicking the link whenever I share my new post, for always reading the content that I share and most of all, for sticking around. Thank you for the collaborations, the inspiration and the love. See you next week and hopefully, next year you'll still be here too. :* Love lots, Benj.

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