Travel Diary: Bohol / Where Am I?

7:54 PM

 Here I am with a backlog trying to make up for January where I had 3 blog posts planned about starting the year right but only posted 2 of them. I feel bad for ignoring this blog and failing to shoot something. So here's a travel diary when we went to Bohol last year, during my birthday weekend. 
We were a 30-minute fast-craft, boat ride away from Bohol. 

The Koi ponds in the lobby and at the entrance of the hotel (Bellevue) where we stayed at were my favorite. I have a thing for fishes and sea creatures. My friends found it odd that I'm not afraid of deep waters and what lies beneath. I love deep, dark sea water and the thought that there might be thousands of fishes and (possibly) sharks underneath excite me. Weird, noh?

We explored a little. Did a couple of touristy activities. Churches, Butterfly farms, Chocolate Hills but I've been here more than 8 times (I think), so I didn't take much photos. But I do have another post about Bohol next weekend. It's about Bohol Bee Farm so if you're interested, watch out for that.

See you soon.

Xo, Benj.

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