#AskBenj : What is the Importance of Planning Ahead?

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I have been asked this question a lot of times whenever I am caught writing down (instead of typing on my phone) tasks and shit that I need to do. So I thought I'd share with you the reasons why planning is a very important thing that will help you achieve anything you want to accomplish whether your goal is towards a healthier lifestyle or just a passion project that you've always wanted to do.

Always with a pen (or 4 pens) and a planner at hand, I jot down EVERYTHING that pops in my mind whether it be a blog post idea, a random thought or a last-minute "eureka" moment for a campaign. I write more than I talk to people, tbh. Not that I'm an introvert. I just really like writing. And what I love about it is that I remember the things that I write more than the things I see, hear or type. That's actually the first answer to today's question:

Disclaimer: Written here are just thoughts and opinions that I think are the reason why planning has helped increase my productivity and why it is the best way to prepare myself to get things done for ME. If thoughts and opinions do not align with yours, feel free to comment and discuss in the comment section below but do know that I won't care for negative thoughts.

1. You remember

When I write down the things I need to do, I tend to remember them more. I guess something about the process of scrawling down every letter of a word or a phrase clears the mind of the writer and helps focus on the word/task more.

Tip: Writing in blue ink makes you remember phrases more because it taps to the imagination part of the brain. Writing in red ink also does the same but in a different way. Red makes the mind remember words and its spelling. Maybe that's why red pens are used to rewrite our spelling mistakes as a child. To make us remember the correct spelling of the words we spelled wrong! Hmmmm *rubs chin*

2. Ready

When you know ahead of time what you have to do and finish during the day or week, you can assess the ups and downs of a certain task. Example, in my case, I am almost always required to film or photograph something. So, on days that I know I'll use my camera more, I will either bring a charger with me or an extra memory card just in case. Na' amsayin'?

3. Free time ahead!

I plan my week during Mondays. I start with writing down the tasks I need to do for the week. It takes me around 30-60 minutes depending on the tasks I need to do. Some tasks take more time to break down in to smaller tasks than others like filming a video ad and such (filming an ad requires script making, scouting of places to shoot, etc. and planning it ahead makes the day of filming run smoothly). So once hours in a day or certain days in a week are crossed-out ahead of time, it gives me a clearer idea when I can relax and have time for other stuff like going out with family and friends, continuing to read a book, binge watching #ASOUE, etc.

So those are three main reasons why planning is important for me. If you have any other tip, comment or just plain thoughts on planning let me know! Also, you can use the hashtag #AskBenj on Twitter or Instagram if you have any questions, wonders and/or musings. I'll be happy to answer! I actually think that I'll make other posts for planning, planners and other stationary and art materials because I honestly love talking about stationary and art/writing materials. What do you think?

Tbh, this post has been in my drafts since 1st week of January. But thesis and work are my top priorities right now. I will update on an event I attended during Sinulog so keep posted if you want to know what the shenanigans were that day. Also, my love for Sharpie has increased! I used to love Monami and Uni more but now that I've had the chance to use them, I can confidently say that their products are worth IT! Anyhoo, bye for now!

Thanks for reading. Hope the new year brings you joy and greater things ahead!

Xo, Benj.

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