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 With the stressful rush of last minute holiday shopping, my Aunt and I found ourselves in this dazzling corner at SM Seaside as we were buying gifts for the family. I've been meaning to have my bacne (tmi? idc lol) cleaned and I couldn't find it in myself to spend a thousand for a session of pimple clearing. I'm just too much of a cheap-o when it comes to self-pampering. I'd rather spend Php.300 on a good, notebook than a facial TBH. But upon seeing Dermcare Luxe's prices (which were surprisingly affordable) I was sold. 

I mean, srsly. Who would think that this sparkling, luxurious clinic was affordable? They have soft velvety chairs, crystal chandeliers, gleaming marble tiles and the inside of the clinic where they pamper their clients looks like a dream. Read on to see more!

This is where they do the face related services. 
This is where I lay down for 45 minutes as the "ate" prodded, pricked and scrubed the shit out of my back. I apologize for the lack of a photo of me being enjoying their service. I am bad at taking selfies using a super heavy DSRL while I wince in pain as I am mildly operated (fuck I still feel the paaaiiinnnnn *cry*). 
Overall Review

1. Customer Service : 8/10 Only because we were mildly judged. When we went to the clinic, my Aunt and I were dressed super casually. I didn't have make-up on, my hair was finger-brushed and I probably had burger stains on my shirt because we ate at Patty Pie earlier that day. They didn't say anything bad at all, but they were looking at us pretty weirdly. Like "are they sure they're serious about getting the services" kind of look. I know that look pretty well. If I had a penny for every.single.time I received that look, I could probably buy a new camera hahaha. But at least they were civil enough to talk to us as we asked questions. And when they were pretty talkative and engaging as they did our chosen service. 

2. Services : 7/10 I've only had one service and I'm scheduled to go weekly to keep the acne away for good but so far, they're pretty good at it. 

3. Interior : 10/10 Probably even eleven out of ten. Their interior will make you feel like a princess once you enter the clinic. Such an instagrammable place!

4. Price : 9/10 If you're a dermawhore, you'll see what I mean once you see their price range. But to lay it all out, Dermcare Luxe is way cheaper than Flawless and Dermstrata. My sister goes to Flawless and justifies the price because of its popularity and she also says that it's pretty good there. But I'm if you're getting the same service for a lower price, what's there to think about? Dermstrata (for me) is overpriced. And their interior makes them look like a dental clinic tbh.

5. Overall:★★★★

I hope you guys enjoyed my very first beauty related review! Let me know if you plan to visit Dermcare Luxe. I can tweet you or message you a photo of their brochure. Don't forget to tag me if you post on any social media site, alright? You can use the hashtag #hellobenj and I promise I reply to everything! 

Xo, Benj.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored by Dermcare Luxe. These thoughts and photos are my own. 

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