On Wednesdays...

2:44 AM

Due to my poor time management skills, I failed to post these photos on Wednesday. I suck at this ohmygod 
Sunnies by Charlie : Morgan

Should I talk about the outfit? I kind of don't want to but since this is an outfit post, why the hell not. So,
      Shirt: thrifted
    Pants: Bench
          Patch : Cotton On
      Glasses : duh
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these photos were shot in a comfort room. My friends and I was just casually minding our own shit (excuse the cr pun) when I realized all of a sudden that the colors of the comfort room and my outfit matched! I HAD to take photos and so I did. A couple of girls went in and instantly gave me the judgy vibe but I HAD A BLOG TO RUN so I just posed and snapped. Thanks to my friend Angie for the photos!

Also, I edited a little bit (in case you didn't notice). It kind of made it look like a chemical lab.

Xo, Benj

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