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11:34 PM

What a month! I never expected November to be this hectic. Maybe the semester break on the start of the month is meant to be there to get my body ready for all the crazy things that would happen. I have never had a more busy month in my life. Here is a list of the things I've been meddling with for the past weeks:

1.  I organized my first workshop as an intern! It was an amazing ride with only 2 weeks to prepare the kit and the whole thing. You can watch the video Banana and I made right HERE. She added the cute animation and I directed the video. The workshop was for Earl Tawny, a brush calligrapher based here in Cebu. It was fun and stressful but so worth it. I'm currently in the process of organizing another one... which just made me realize that I haven't even made a poster for it! Ohmygod I'm gonna diieeeee

2. I've been taking a lot of photos of paintings lately but not much of my life as a blogger (haha). I'm still poor (will send you an update once I'm already China rich dw haha) so I haven't had the privilege of buying a handy-dandy camera yet. I've been wanting to vlog for God knows how long and I might just do it next year. 

3 and 4 (?). Semester has just started and our teachers are already giving us plates (projects) and assignments like there is no tomorrow! Well, just some of them. If only I had a time turner... (4) SPEAKING OF TIME TURNERS I WATCHED FANTASTIC BEASTS JUST THIS WEDNESDAY AND IT WAS MAGICAL OHMYGOD

5. I'm a bit worried about work. I think I like what I'm doing but the lack of certain tasks set for the day is making me anxious. It's like I have to be available for the rest of the day to get any work done because my boss answers to my email quite sporadically but I'm managing the tasks quite well, if I may say.

So, that's that I guess. Writing all this makes me realize that I still have a lot to do before the week ends. IDK if I'm going to survive but I guess I have to. I will see you on Monday! 

xo, Benj

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