4:27 AM

Hello! Talking to you through a photo of my new child,
Antonio Roberto Regis. He is a gift from Hanna. I was
sick that day so she bought this and visited to cheer me
up (thanks buchi! hahaha). Anyway, I'm actually pumped
up because the semester is over! Well, not yet really. I still
have a deadline and thesis surveys to tend to but atleast I can
now paint in the mornings and make my own breakfast. 

Oh, I forgot internship. I still have my internship to attend 3x
every week. I love what I do at Moon jogger so it's not really
that bad. I shoot flatlays, organize workshops and pitch
ideas to make the place better. I actually am excited for a
work my friend will give me once she's settled with her new
business. I don't want to jinx it so I won't spill details.
I'm really hoping it will push through.

I have logo revisions to do.
Thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Benj.

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