Tom N Toms Coffee / Where Am I?

8:45 PM

I have been playing hide and seek with my creativity
these past few weeks. With our thesis defense and our
futures on the line, I can't just frolic around
and blog to my heart's content. I had shit to do.

Although now that the defense is done, I still couldn't
find time to shoot on purpose and create something more
than just an update from my very mundane day to day life.

Nevertheless, here is a Where Am I? entry for you to have
a little something to read on. I did put in a lot of effort to
the editing of the photos because 1. I love process and
2. The photos put me in an editing mood. They're one
of the most "blank canvas" photos shot by Hanna Banana.

A little info about Tom N Toms:
1. 24 hours open (yay)
2. Great food
3. OK drinks (coffee specifically)
4. Amazing interior
5. Slow service
6. Moderately fast Wi-Fi

That's all I have so far. It was my first visit after all.

Say hello to my sister's striped b**bs hahaha

I'm ending the post with a pixelated photo
because I'm too lazy to edit another one and
fix the resolution. Don't be mad, pls?

Xo, Benj.

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