An Artist's Reverie : Cafe Jasmin

2:37 AM

When looking for a coffee shop to hang-out and lurk in, the first 
quality I look for is the feel of home. I'm not entirely sure if that makes
any sense to some but for those who feel me, raise your mugs.

This little piggy invited me to accompany her to a meeting
at a cafe for a gig. I couldn't resist knowing the fact that
there might be a possibility of free coffee and good music.
It was rainy when we arrived at the cafe. We were
greeted with the bustle of an espresso machine and 
the usual smell of my mornings : coffee. I first saw
a book that looked familiar. I quickly ignored it. I
was too distracted by the coffee trinkets all over their
counter. A large coffee machine just before the stairs
that leads to the second floor dwarfed the whole area.
And it felt oddly perfect.
As it turned out, the book was actually a collection
of poems by Kota Yamada. It is entitled Lost Hearts
and Cafe Jasmin helped him launch the book. It was
a huge hit. It felt so unreal to be in the presence of
such a successful author and publisher. He was so
down-to-earth and passionate about his craft.

"...staring at the stars, looking at the moon. Wishing that I could be there with you."

So, you might be wondering why I love this cafe.
And surprisingly, it had nothing to do with the
coffee, Kota and/or poetry.

Thing is, Hanna was asked by the owner of Cafe Jasmin to
perform for them every Saturday. And I'm not much  of a
performer anymore (ever since an incident I never want
to remember), but when they all started singing and just
letting go, I couldn't help but sing-along. We got booked
for later and I'm guesting for a song (or two) with Hanna.

I never sang in public ever since that incident. But with
the friends I found in that cafe, I'd be glad to. They all are
for sharing art, music and wisdom. I felt, home.

See you there, later.
XO, Benj.

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