Skeletons and Scratches

8:53 AM

I took these shots about six-eight months ago.
I can't quite remember why.

My dear friend, April gladly posed for me.
I love having camera-ready friends.

Thanks for this, babe. I owe you one.

Do enjoy these photos, friends.
As usual, my penchant for film scratches still is undying.
I'm not sure when I'll be getting a camera.

Too much has been happening.
With our thesis on the way
and the start of my internship this coming Monday,
I'm not sure I'll be lucky enough
to have enough time to write / post on this blog
and save money for a camera
and a couple of film rolls.

But I will try to keep you guys entertained
with more of my digitally "scratched" photographs soon. 

xo, Benj

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