Hello, I'm Writing Again.

4:43 AM

First question that popped in my mind as I was editing the header of this blog 2 hours ago was "Do I have time for this?" I am not consistent on ANYTHING ever, in my entire life (well, except for the consistency of my disgustingly, sadistic humor but that never is necessary on any life event). I don't even know if anyone will read this site. I quit (hate that word) blogging 2 years ago. Nothing big of a reason just that I was too "unstable" to do it.  I know, unstable. What a way to describe one's self.

But seriously, I was just too unstable that I couldn't get my shit together. I can't say that I'm blogging again because I have all my shit together. I don't.have.my.shit.together. I just feel too free. Too much time means more overthinking about life in general and writing made me feel less anxious and more in rhythm with my mind. God, first post and I'm already blabbering about my mind.

TBH, I feel like this blog will be more of a diary with photos about things I love rather than a fashion blog and it feels... right.

I don't know what will happen in the next days, months or years (if I could keep this blog alive longer than 3 months haha) but if all else fails, I won't mind deleting this blog again. It's not like there is anyone to disappoint. Not pity fishing, just being real.

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